Landscape design

Explore our bespoke landscape design services that tailor your outdoor space to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Landscape design

We have partnered landscape and garden design consultants. With years of experience currently, we can match your needs to the right designer to get the desired outcome! At Hardwood, our collaborations with esteemed garden designers and landscape architects play a pivotal role in our work. Over the years, we have fostered relationships with exceptional designers, ensuring successful partnerships that result in remarkable and smoothly delivered projects. Should you approach us directly with an inquiry requiring design expertise, we conduct thorough fact-finding to comprehend your wish list, budget, timescales, location, and priorities. Armed with this information, we match you with a designer perfectly suited to your project, with the hope that it will lead to a commission for the build.

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Proudly creating bespoke and design-led gardens in the South East since 2017, serving Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, Berkshire and South London.

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